If you love watches then you must check out that you are having these brands with you

Are you also obsessed with wearing different varieties of watches every day? Yesss so am i. I think every woman needs a stylish watch, not only to tell the time but also as a fashion accessory. We want more brands than a single one, one for sports, casual wear, evening wear and for work. Those elegant pieces are not only worn to tell the time, but they are also widely used as amazing accessories that are sometimes considered to be a sign of luxury. Well here is the list of top brands of watches which I think every girl should definitely have one


Piaget is ranked as one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world and is known for using the most luxurious and precious materials in its watches to finally present creative pieces of art which are more than enough for being a dazzling decoration for any woman’s wrist to stun others.


It is usually referred to as Dior and is widely renowned for its high-quality and luxury watches products. The company designs and retails timepieces in addition to other products that are needed by women such as jewelry, leather products, footwear, accessories, makeup, fragrance and more. Dior watches are a combination of fine gems and geometric designs to decorate every woman’s wrist.


This is a sophisticated brand that blends fashion, style, and unique craftsmanship. Guess watches have an appealing design and posh finish. You can find each timepiece radiating in royal and sheer elegance.

Tommy Hilfiger

One of the most loved brands, Tommy Hilfiger watches has a sophisticated look which makes it everyone’s favorite. From elegant to sporty look, Tommy Hilfiger manufacturers’ unique style of timepieces that would instantly glam up the wrist of the wearer.


Casio has been a popular and most loved brand for ages. The brand offers innovative concepts of connecting your smartphone with the watch, also Casio was the first company to launch a GPS atomic solar watch. Hence if you are looking for Casio watches you would definitely find an amalgam of style and technology.


Burberry is ranked as one of the best global brands and is also known as one of the most valuable brands. Burberry watches are known for their simple designs which are really elegant and affordable.


It is an Italian brand that is famous for its high-end products especially fashion and leather goods Italian craftsmanship combined with innovation and boldness make Gucci one of the most desirable luxury brands in the world. Gucci watches are known for their modern, stylish and sleek designs.


Be it your 18th birthday gift or wedding reception gift, Titan watch is the most loved brand in India. It is the fifth largest manufacturing company in the world. Its offerings include popular brands like Fastrack, Sonata, and Police. Be proud to own a Titan watch.


Rolex is known as one of the largest luxury watch brands and is considered to be one of the most powerful global brands since it is highly sought after by many people all over the world. And its watches look so royal and beautiful for women.

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