Introducing Celebrity Fashion Designer: Shalini Saluja – The Fashion Stylist

Ms. Shalini Saluja – Celebrity Fashion Designer, Stylist, Jewellery Designer, Home art and In-house Stylist. 

Ms. Shalini Saluja, an engineer by education, and a fashionist by profession launched her venture, Indie Cotton Route, two decades ago. 

Shalini was deeply influenced by the overwhelming dynamics and rich heritage of the Indian culture. 

Smitten by the variety of fabric available, the folk art forms, thread-work, paintings and architectural nuances; Shalini decided to bid adieu to her well paying corporate job as an Electronics and Communication Engineer, and engrossed herself into fabricating designer wear for enterprising and independent women of today. 

Shalini currently runs Indie Cotton Route (an ethnic brand), that creates designer wear and home furnishings.

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