Is Your Body type meant for Indian or Western Outfits?

“What should I wear?” How many times have you asked yourself this question? Even if you are not too finicky about your appearance, there will be times when you feel frustrated about not getting the right kind of look. Whatever you try seems to go wrong.

Take heart, you are not alone. Many of us do not know the basics of how to dress, leave alone the type of clothing that will suit us. Then there is the other question: should you wear an Indian or a western outfit? Sari and salwar kameez, or jeans and trousers? While there is no hard and fast rule, certain type of clothing suits certain type of body shapes. Let us steer away from the apple-shaped body and the pear-shaped body debate (nobody has figured out that one yet!), and stick to common sense.

Tall and thin

If you are blessed with height, and are not too weighty, you can pull off both Indian and western styles, but western outfits will really look smashing on you. Be it for your office wear or otherwise, you would look best in smartly-stitched trousers and longer tops. Make sure that the trousers are not too figure-hugging and the tops are not too tight. That would make you look gangly. You need to aim for a fuller, flowing look. You can wear below-the-knee skirts (avoid short, tight skirts), teamed with a shirt and jacket for that formal, yet killer, look.

For your casual wear, jeans and tee-shirts, or princess-cut shirts will work best for you. You can also go for umbrella skirts, with loose, long tops.

Tall and buxom

You are best suited for the Indian look. The sari will look gorgeous on you! Make it your style statement. In these days, when fewer and fewer women wear a sari, you can stand out in a crowd by draping yourself in this ultimate sexy ensemble. And the best part is that it works both as formal wear and casual wear.

For office wear, go for plain saris with a heavy border. For casual wear, drape yourself in chiffons and georgettes.

Short and thin

You can wear western and Indian outfits with equal ease. No problem. Western outfits will make you look a little taller. If you want to wear the salwar-kameez, make sure the top is not too long. Knee-length tops, with slim bottoms will work better than anarkalis or patiala salwars. A full-length skirt, with a short top will also suit you quite well.

Short and heavy-set

Stick to Indian outfits, particularly the salwar-kameez. The sari is a no-no for you. As are jeans and tight tops. If you must, wear tailored trousers, with square shirts. Avoid tee-shirts. A full-length skirt with a square top will also look nice on you.

In the end, all of us dress according to our unique preferences. But it is a fact that some styles will suit you more than others. Find your balance.

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