Make your old jeans into ripped one by following 5 simple steps

From Kylie Jenner to Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon, all have one style in common which is becoming the major fashion statement, that is the Ripped jeans. The distressed style has fallen in and out of fashion favor since the 1980’s, but it seems that lately, it has been more in demand. While coming to its cost, purchasing ripped jeans from the market can get pricey, so why to spend money when we can make our own ripped jeans. Just be a little bit careful while cutting the holes in the let’s follow these simple steps.

-First of all, you need to pick a pair of jeans which you and your mother won’t mind ripping it. If this is your first attempt then make sure you are using old jeans not the new one.or you can also use your dad’s, brother and boyfriend’s jeans.

– The next step is marking the points, which needs to be ripped. For that, you need to wear your jeans as everyone has a different fitting. Now you have to mark the points with the help of marker, or chalk piece or any other material which is visible to you. Jeans are commonly ripped at knees, back pockets, upper thighs and at the sides. So it’s your wish wherever you want to make the mark.

-The next thing you require is the sandpaper for fading the areas where you want to get it ripped. If you don’t get the sand paper you can use a pumice stone. If your jeans are very thick then also you can use sand paper to make the cutting easier. When you are about to cut the marks insert and cardboard or hard stuff so you don’t cut the other side of your jeans.

-Cut or scrape horizontal slits in the areas you’re ripping. You can use a shaving razor or a pair of scissions to cut the marks. If you want clean holes, cut horizontal lines across your jeans. Make sure you don’t the whole areas; keep 1 or 2inches inch distance from both sides of the mark.

-Once the cuts are made pull away excess fabric which isn’t required, make sure your holes are covered by bare strands of thread. If your skin is what you are after then start cutting your distressed areas with scissors.

Here you go girls, your ripped jeans is ready. Pair it up with your crop tops or shrugs, tank tops, short kurtas and make your own fashion statement


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