Namrata Joshipura WLIFW A/W 2013


Namrata’s A/W collection comprises contemporary and modern silhouttese, sweatshirts paired with skirts in contrast to more overtly sexy shorts and dresses.

Edgey jacket dresses add a slick elegance and are in contrast to more overtly shorts and sharp dresses. Leather is an important element and adds to the character of the collection.

The exploration and evolution of embellishment continues. Fine leather strips are appliqued to creat exquisite wing patterns.

Surface textures are created through embroideries and through leather.

Modern fabrics such as Neoprene, polytexe, and glazed micrfabric are newly introduced.

Sizzling models showed off designer Namrata Joshipura’s collection. They included luxe-street inspired pieces and sharp dresses in a monochromatic palette.

Her theme is Wings of Desire and she let her imagination soar from reality into a world of dreams.

Namrata has aimed her collection to be groomed, glam and sophisticated.

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