Boyfriend’s shirt is too much fun. The most interesting thing about them is that even you can wear with amazing styles. Don’t worry if you don’t have the boyfriend, you can steal a shirt from your brother or fathers wardrobe. The boyfriend shirt is a long, loose shirt that gives the impression that you’ve put

There’s no doubt that bralettes have been on trend for a little while now. Figuring out how to wear them was a bit of a struggle. In case you’re not familiar, a bralette is basically a smaller crop top – another way to describe it is a soft bra, usually lacy with feminine touches. Well,

Who doesn’t love bags and to carry different trendy bags on different occasions? Don’t we all just need a reason to shop and bags are just those kinds of things that you can collect? Because you can never have enough of them, right? So here the trendiest bags of this season, which you need to

Elle India just unveiled their new August cover, featuring whom they describe as “Bawse Lady Anushka Sharma”. On the cover, Sharma is seen with short hair slicked back, wearing a pantsuit and posing with her ankle resting on her knee. And she looks so ahh-mazing. Striking quite a pose in a beige pantsuit by Michael

Short hairstyles are so in demand these days, be it your celebrities or your fashion bloggers you can see them they look gorgeous in short pretty hairstyles. If you want to have beautiful hairstyles in short hair then there you go  Sleek Bob Bob hairstyle always looks pretty on everyone. To sport this hairstyle, center

College is something where there are no rules for your strict uniform. You can wear whatever you want, style your hairs, apply makeup and a lot more things to do.wink wink Well, we enter college the biggest battle is to look the most happening and attractive in your college isn’t girls? And for that, you

Chafing and sweat under breasts is quite a common problem among heavy-breasted women. Women, especially with heavy breasts, will understand how uncomfortable it feels to live with a pool of sweat that forms under the breasts during humid and hot weather. But this new piece of lingerie has now come to rescue. Essentially a towel

Do you love to wear Sarees but you are always confused with the design of blouse. Well, saree blouses are haute property now, they command a lot of respect and love from the designers and saree wearers because a smart aesthetic blouse tweak can do wonders for any saree look. Party wear sarees, office-wear sarees

There is no problem in being short. In fact, embrace yourself because short girls are the cutest and prettiest girls. However, there are certain problems with dressing up when you are not that tall. You have to pick and choose carefully so as to not overwhelm your small here are some fashion hacks which

Dressing for formal occasions is much more difficult than the casual one; you need to figure out a lot of different variables. Once you decide on the perfect dress, shoes and nail polish color, you’ve got to decide what you want to do with your hair. Luckily, there’s enough hairstyle inspiration out there these days