Pankaj and Nidhi’s WLIFW 2013


Pankaj and Nidhi’s WLIFW A/W 2013 collection is a tribute to music and the fascinating forms of orchestral musical instruments that create it, like trumpets, harps, mandolins, ukuleles acoustic guitars.


The construction of musical instruments is a creative art form in itself, requiring skill and technique, which results in objects of beauty.


Along the journey of creating this collection, we were also drawn to the Baroque period, where music expanded the size, range and complexity of instrumental performance, and established opera as a musical genre.


The Baroque period also produced patterns of beauty, exuberance and grandeur in architecture and sculpture. We found ourselves decorating our clothes in a similar spirit, to celebrate pattern and ornamentation.


The celebration unfolds in a color palette of contrasts – fuchsia-navy, red-chintz, blue-blacks; in merino wools, silk jerseys and leather.


Silhouettes are young, fresh and wearable – slim longer skirts, cinched-waist jackets and dresses;


embellished in sophisticated crewel-work, appliques and lattice-work

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