Paromita Banerjee WLIFW A/W 2013 BORO


Paromita Banerjee WLIFW A/W 2013 collection is loosely based on the concept of BORO, mended or patched textiles used as items of clothing in Japan by the peasants, merchants or artisans.


The collection takes the path of a traveler who brings back various items of clothing from the different regions she has traveled, accumulating memories along the way.

The first story uses handspun, hand-woven and naturaly dyed fabrics from the Godi-mudi Khadi project of Central India under women weave where women are trained and provided a sustainable employment.


The second story uses Malkha khadi and textures in colours of indigo, browns and black with green / taxi yellow as an accent , it brings back the almost forgotten technique of “French knot” embroidery in wool.


The third story uses Dhakaijamdam’ textiles from around West Bengal with its delicate multi-colour placement butas that add the accent colours to the collection in shapes like the

quintessential Indian kurta, shirt dresses, tunics and stoles.

The print story uses motifs from the Indonesian vocabulary and is shaped into kailidar kurtas and shift dresses.

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