PeeCee’s ‘contemporary bride’ look is just wow!

Priyanka Chopra is an international phenomenon. Her body of work in Bollywood, her music albums, her path-breaking career in Hollywood – she sure has a lot to be proud of.

Add to that her innate fashion and style sense and her supreme confidence, and you know you have a winner. Of late, PeeCee has been featured on the covers of a number of magazines, and she has nailed the look each time.

The latest magazine to feature her on its cover is Brides Today, and you have to see Priyanka’s killer “Take that!” look to believe it.

Ditching the customary bridal reds and pinks, PeeCee sports shades of ivory and black, looking nothing like what we expect a bride to look like!

She wears an elaborate overcoat with fine embroidery, and an ivory embroidered corset. And then there are the stylish pants that look chic and glamorous.

The styling has been done by Ayesha Amin Nigam and Shaurya Athley, the makeup artist is Daniel Bauer, while the hairstylist is Marce Pedrozo.

Photographer Nuno Oliveira has done a fantastic job, with the lighting just right to show off the edgy look. The location is JW Marriott, Mumbai.


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