Saiesta Launches Its Autumn-Winter 2015 Collection With the #GiveItBack Campaign

Saiesta, India’s premiere e-tail studio designing clothes exclusively for women has launched the #GiveItBack campaign addressing the most imperative questions about women and fashion in India. 

Celebrating their recently unveiled Autumn-Winter 2015 line, the brand has come up with an intriguing and bold take on fashion, encouraging women to flaunt their style fearlessly all the time! Fashion lies in the way an individual chooses to live, led by their own unique sense of creativity and ideas. It is an act of essential freedom and pure self-expression. Saiesta as a brand confidentially stands for this freedom of self-expression that every woman has. Even in today’s day and age, several factors, including the society we live in, attempts to dictate a woman’s fashion sense and the kind of dressing she prefers. Right from undercover hints to on the face remarks, the modern woman of today has come across it all. 

Saiesta’s campaign film #GiveItBack finds an ingenious way to address this very issue at a fundamental level, albeit, with a touch of humor. It features women who aren’t willing to take it lying down. 

The campaign is a shout out to all the Individualistic, Stylish and Strong women of today who are unapologetic and fearless of their fashion sense and understand their #RightToFlaunt! The campaign film is a head-on and forthright yet light hearted take on eve teasing- a reality every woman encounters every day. The TVC follows different women in everyday situations where they encounter being eve teased, specifically for standing out for their fashion sense and clothes. The common act of ‘Whistling’ is played upon, where on being whistled at, the girls turn back and whistle at the eve teaser. This symbolizes, albeit in a humorous manner, the bold stance the women take on by not succumbing to societal pressures and avert mindsets and standing upright and confident on her choices be it in life or fashion. 

Speaking about the brand philosophy and the spunky new TVC and digital video, Mr. Rajat Sikka, Founder & Manager Director, Saiesta said, “Each piece in our collection for this season has been designed keeping in mind the classy yet contemporary woman because they understand their individuality and are not afraid to express it. Our campaign film thought emphasizes the brand’s inherent belief in individuality and expressing identities through the medium of fashion. Our all new collection, consisting of aesthetic and trendy garments are just what every girl looks for to complement her personality and infuse confidence in being herself.” 

Mr. Yugander V V, Director of Saiesta’s campaign film, commented on the spunky new TVC and digital video, “Saiesta’s Autumn Winter Collection 2015 immediately impressed me with its imaginative designs while being highly wearable. It took extensive brainstorming and research to understand the many Brand attributes and arrive at a singular Brand Philosophy – Right to Flaunt.The Concept for the campaign film – Give It Back – expresses the Brand Identity quite ingeniously. Shooting in challenging real locations in Delhi paid off by giving the film its unique grungy texture and the much needed Indian flavour. By virtue of concept, treatment and very catchy music – the Saiesta film is a clutter-breaker. 

Saiesta aims to embolden women and provides them the choice to flaunt their style with their elegant, stylish and chic outfits. From embellished jackets to trendy dresses and classy tops, this stylish yet trendy collection has all the elements essential to make it extremely convenient for you to transform from a casual or corporate look to party-ready, by just adding the right accessories.

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