Shilpa Shetty’s leafy saree is a bit too much!

Glam diva Shilpa Shetty’s way with sarees is well known. From teaming them with trousers to giving them a trendy touch, Shilpa has worn the traditional attire in innovative ways. And she looks great in them, thanks to her svelte figure.

But the look she sported at a recent outing was a bit of a let-down.

Shilpa was seen draped in a palmera print saree from designer duo Shivan & Narresh for an episode of the reality TV show, Super Dancers Season 2.

The saree had quirky motifs such as black panthers and birds, and lots of leaves. It had a bright, neon-green pleated section at the front, and the blouse looked pretty much the same.

The end result was Shilpa looked like a tropical forest on a walk!

Sorry, Shilpa, but this one just did not work.

Other than the saree, the rest of the look was great, as usual. Stylist Sanjana Batra did a good job with accessories, keeping them minimal. She added an open-front hasli-style neckpiece and studded earrings to the outfit.

Shilpa’s make-up was spot on, with celebrity hairstylist Sheetal F Khan rounding her look with straight, sleek hair. Make-up artist Ajay Shelar opted for a dewy look on a neutral palette, giving Shilpa winged eyes and marsala lips.


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