Simple hacks to get royal looks from Deepika Padukone in Padmavati

Well, the first look of Deepika as Rani Padmavati was mesmerizing, there has been no holding people back from talking about the most noticeable feature on the poster, the unibrow.bold brows have become the order of the day. “Brows on fleek” has left its meme status to become something of an obsession.well not only the eyebrows her makeup, her jewelry, the costume is all on point.

Well if you too want to look like her then follow these simple hacks:

The face first

To achieve her base, try to stick to earthy tones in a matte-finish. as there is no shine on her face, so keep it very natural. You can start by a using a BB cream and then use a concealer for a natural look. Use a shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight your under-eyes, nose and the hollows of your cheek.

Let your Eyes do talking

The most striking feature is the eyes. They pierce through you with the strongest of convictions, and we think it’s got to do a lot with that intense black kohl that lines Padukone’s entire eye. Apply that in the same way and then smudge it further to give it a smoked-out effect. Top it off with multiple layers of mascara, or better yet, fake it with falsies if you have it in you.

You can even finish it with a small wing if you like. Instead of using a stencil on your brows, embrace the natural shape just like Padukone.

The secret behind UNIBROW…

All you need to do is stick to your original shape no thickening of any kind. Keep your brows sleek, sharp and arched, and simply join them in the center with a brow pencil by challenging yourself to be the most light-handed you’ve ever been.

The nude lips

use a shade darker than your natural lip color. Embrace the nude lip trend and find the perfect nude for your skin will make your face look more elegant and beautiful

Add a bindi

well, its the finishing touch to your Indian princess’ day out look. Don’t skip it. It’s the one thing that suits all skin types, face types, hair types. A little red dot is all you need. Great… you too are queen Padmavati now…wink,wink.

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