The House of Angadi

 The House of Angadi straddles virtually every segment in the world of textiles from Saris, to Garments, from Yarn to  Furnishing.


Promoted by a family with a legacy of over 600 years in the textile trade The House of Angadi has traversed a path that few have.Beginning their journey as court weavers to the Saraboji Maharaja of Tanjore to being the retailers of choice to Heads of State, Industrialists and celebrities from all walks of life Today the House of Angadi  is engaged in the design, manufacture, wholesale, retail and export of textiles as diverse as handloom saris to the most sophisticated home furnishings.


While their flagship retail operation Angadi Silks is an established landmark for high end saris and Indian wear among Bangalore’s fashion savvy clientele the Group’s state-of-the art textile Mill is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium silk furnishings to international design houses such as GP&J Baker, Osborne & little, Ralph Lauren Home among others.




For those 

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curious about the rich history of 


he House of Angadi, the closest thing 

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ravel into the hallowed space that is Angadi Galleria.

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A store it maybe, but one can easily mistake it for an art gallery as it houses a series of artworks and photographs that celebrate the brand’s rich history.​

​The brand has a

 designer label 

​which ​

focuses on  creating traditional Indian textiles by combining unique techniques with an understated design aesthetic. A brainchild of K.Radharaman  the label was Launched in 2012 , and began as an In Store Private label of the House of Angadi. 



In keeping with their history as one of India’s pioneering exporters of textiles, the group’s American Subsidiary Weavesource Inc is a market leader in the High End Drapery and Home Furnishings business in the United States with Design and Manufacturing operations in New York, India and China.


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