Trendy hair color this season

Do you also like to do experiment with your hair? Either Coloring them or cutting or any sexy hairstyle. If yes then I have got some trendy hair colors for you which you should definitely try.


Unless you’re starting with a super-light base or have dishwater blonde hair color, the process to getting light locks is a long one. A platinum look requires a double process (where the hair is typically bleached twice, and then toned into the desired blonde shade). Don’t get discouraged if your hair isn’t the exact shade of blonde you want on the first try. Sometimes it takes a few appointments to get the perfect shade of platinum.

Chestnut brown

This color is great for someone who doesn’t want to go lighter but wants to make a change within the same color. If you already have a natural brown base, this color is perfect for you because you can use a semi-permanent color with warmer undertones in it to achieve this very hue.

Pastel pink

With any bright color, you’re going to want to start with a light base and then you can play with different shades from there, applying temporary color onto your strands to get the look. Want to get a few different tones out of one specific shade? Start with a deep version of pink, for example, and then each time you wash it, it will get lighter and lighter, eventually leaving you with a paler color.

Cinnamon Red

Want to spice things up? Go for something bold red. “Reds are making a comeback. I feel like cinnamon and rose tones could have an end-of-summer moment.



What do you get when you swirl two rich shades of brown together? A thing of beauty. And that is exactly what you get when you have a dark chocolate shade as your base, highlighted by subtle mahogany streaks to create this sophisticated and understated look.


The trend towards vibrant color isn’t winding down,  so indulge in glossy vivid hues like blues or any other shades of blue which looks good on you.

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