Up your style quotient with bandanas

Guess where the word “bandana” comes from? Come on, it’s easy enough! It’s right there in the word. Still don’t get it? Alright, it comes from the Hindi word “bandhana”, that is, to tie. If we go further back, you can trace its origin to Sanskrit. Originally, the word had a very simple meaning – it referred to tying cloth in various places for the purpose of dyeing it.  With time, it travelled west and became bandana.

Bandanas have been around for the longest time. They had practical uses then; they are a fashion accessory now. You can up your style quotient by using bandanas in several ways.

Check out some of them.

  • Around the neck, hanging down

This style will go well with your jeans and tops, as well as formal trousers. It is one of the simplest ways of tying the bandana. Just fold a square scarf into a triangle, wrap it around the neck snugly and double knot it at the back. There, you are ready to step out in style!

  • Around the neck, choker-style

Fold the scarf into a triangle and keep folding it until it forms one long strand. Now wrap it tightly around the neck, front to back. Then wrap it again, back to front. Tie a double knot at the front. You will look smashing.

  • Around the neck, necklace style

Fold the scarf into a triangle – you can choose the width you want to maintain — and keep folding it until it forms one long strand. Tie the ends in a double knot and let it hang loose. It will look like a necklace, and you will look great.

  • Round the head

Wrap the scarf round your head, taking it under your hair at the back. You can either tie it at the back, or wrap it round once again and tie the loose ends on top of your head. This style of tying the bandana goes well with a skirt, giving you a chic, feminine look.

  • Round the bun

Put your hair up in a bun and wrap the scarf round it several times. Tie the loose ends downwards or upwards, whichever way you like. Not only will it keep your hair in place, you will also look like a style icon.


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