Vineet Bahl AW 13 2013 collection Awadh


The protagonist for Vineet’s AW13 collection is Wazir-un-Nisa, a courtesan during the life and times of Wajid All Shah. Wazir-un took the onus of protecting the fabled treasure of Awadh in the most ingenious manner.


The show tells us the story of these brave women, clad in their fineries, walking out of the zenana.


Chikankari is native to Awadh, and Vineet’s AW-13 collection is inaugurated with outfits in this traditional form of embroidery set on all ivory palette.


The profundity of Chikan is highlighted by the use of Sheesha adorning the dupattas of the opening outfits.

The succeeding group has outfits in black and ivory with much more detailed Sheesha work and Gota edging, both of which add subtle glamour to the garments.


Hand block printing is extensively used here, as also in the subsequent group with traditional ‘zardozi’ motifs done on vivd colors.This is followed by outfits in tassar with detailed naqsh work in silver and gold creating a dhoop-chaanw effect

The closing garments in the collection are fabricated in velvet in jewel colors embellished with pin-point Swarovskis.

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