What to team your Anarkali kurta with

Anarkali suits are all the rage nowadays. They look elegant, sophisticated and very feminine.

Initially, Anarkalis were considered formal attire, used mostly at special occasions.

However, many women wear them as daily wear now.

A notable thing about Anarkalis is that they have undergone several changes.

So you have the floor-length Anarkali suit, the below-the-knees Anarkalis and the knee-length Anarkali kurtas.

Out of these, Anarkali kurtas are the most commonly used as they look semi-formal or even casual.

A typical Anarkali suit would necessarily be worn with a churidar (tightly-fitting bottom part) – it could be ready-made leggings or stitched churidars.

However, the knee-length variant can be paired with several things.

Take a look at what all you can do with your Anarkali kurta.

Wear it with leggings or stitched churidar

This is a no-brainer – most Anarkalis are, anyway, worn with leggings. So, yes, you can wear your knee-length Anarkali with leggings and look great. A style tip: go for lycra leggings; stitched churidars will never hug your legs the way lycra leggings do. Moreover, leggings are comfortable to wear and easy to get into and out of.

Wear it with palazzo pants

A knee-length Anarkali suit will go very well with your palazzo pants, especially if the pants are really wide and flared. If you are not very tall, this combination will suit you very well. It will also work if you are slightly heavyset. Moreover, it can be worn for all occasions, but it is best to ditch this combination if the occasion is very formal.

Wear it with a skirt

Your knee-length Anarkali kurta will look fabulous with a long skirt. Just try it. Make sure your skirt is flared and voluminous. This will enhance the appeal of the kurta. You can wear this combination for formal occasions as well as casual outings. When you wear it for formal occasions, pair it with heavy jewellery and high heels. You will look stunning.

Wear it with jeans

Does this suggestion come as a surprise to you? Well, don’t laugh it off. Yes, you can combine your Anarkali top with jeans. If you are the kind who loves to make a style statement, then this combination is certainly for you. A fusion of Indian and western wear, the pairing is a great idea for those who can think — and wear — out of the box. 




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