whoa… nose pins to try without any piercing

Nose pins are so trendy these days they can make you go from basic to elegant in a second. Whether it is a thin metallic string or a more intricate one, a nose ring completes the ethnic look like no other piece of jewelry. There are so many options to try this festive season and that you don’t need any piercing for it and it looks as good as a real piercing. So go ahead and get yourself one

Simple quinkle

Simple designs are suitable for daily use. You can pair it with both your boyfriend Jeans or with your favorite kurta. The choice is totally yours.

Aztec Love

We all love a little bit of Aztec in everything. The designs are pretty attractive. So, why not take this Aztec obsession to the next level and get a nose pin? This piece can be worn for any occasion and it will fetch you compliments every time you wear it.

Enameled Colors

Enameled nose rings come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose the color and size according to the occasion. Rest assured, this one will get noticed anywhere.

Turquoise Sun

If you like complex designs and have a liking for semi-precious stones, then this one’s for you. This would look complete with that favorite casual kurta of yours.

One With A Pearl

A pearl can add elegance to anything and a nose ring is no exception. For the days when you have to look your regal best, opt for this one.

Woven Beauty

When it comes to the jeweler, a little texture to your accessories can make an immense difference. Here’s this tiny one, textured like a flower. Looks stunning, doesn’t it?

Textured Circles

This one is slightly larger but looks fantastic nonetheless. You will easily be able to carry it off on any given day if you are into bigger nose accessories.

Septum Ring

A septum ring is apt for people who would like to manoeuver the hippie in them. The best part is that you just need to clip it on and you’re definitely good to go.

one with a maal

This one is for all the quirky chicks out there. This septum nose ring says ‘maal’ but there are other words available too. Take your pick from the plethora of options available just for your inner wacky-self

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