12 super stylish ways to decorate your room with Fairy Lights

Well, are you tired of seeing your boring room… if yes then make it stylish and add some lights to it. By light, I mean fairy lights. If you haven’t already draped your entire house with these amazing little balls of light, here are some amazing ways to decorate your room with them

Here’s something you can do if you have a canopy bed hang string lights to make twinkling draperies. They’ll look magical and they’ll make your bedroom look like a princess’s layer. And even if you don’t have a canopy bed you can still get this look by simply hanging draperies and string lights from the ceiling

Wrap string lights around a branch or a piece of driftwood and make an accent piece you can display above your bed. You can even add a switch and turn this into a reading light source.

If you really want to have twinkling stars into your bedroom, then get some star-shaped string lights and hang them on the wall. You can even add some fabric and make a could to hide the hardware used to attach the lights to the wall.

For those who live in a warm climate or just have a burning desire to light your fireplace year-round, lights can be the perfect eco-friendly solution to cozy up to.

Who says fairy lights are only on the inside of a teepee? String a few of these starry string lights on the exterior to spruce up your child’s bedroom and for a go-to nightlight solution.

Personalize any room with a  marquee using fairy lights. Not only is this craft super cool, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the real version.

Get twiny with your decor by spray painting twigs white and wrapping twinkle lights around them. Kind of like Christmas, but appropriate for all year long.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? You! With these warm white fairy lights draped around your mirror, you’ll never have a bad hair day again.

Got some Polaroids of your family or your squad that you want to display? Stringing fairy lights across a wall is an unexpected way to display pictures by clipping them along the lights.


The great thing about fairy lights is that they can be used to decorate inside or outside. This homemade chandelier is easy to make with just a few simple materials, and it can light up a dining room or an outside event.

Like we said, fairy lights aren’t just for indoors. If you have an outdoor area, a wonderful way to decorate it without going crazy is hanging fairy lights in the trees above. Perfect for a summertime barbecue or bonfire.

Feel like a pantry shelf or bookshelf is looking kind of boring in the back? Quickly bring a little light to the situation by hanging fairy lights behind the shelves to fill the empty space.

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