Green Goodness

Contemporary interiors exhibit a palette of neutral colors such as grey and toned down browns along with black and white and all they need is a gentle touch of an accent colour. One accent color that truly works well with such tasteful contemporary backgrounds is green. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and richness. Green comes in such versatile hues, shades and values that the choices on hand are abundant and at times even overwhelming. Embrace this colour in your décor to create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance. Pepperfry’ s striking collection of gorgeous greens, from jade to luxe emerald, are on everyone's radar. Embrace new by punctuating your space with statement designs in alluring shades of green. With 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to navy and midnight blues and welcome tranquil green as the new must-have colour for 2017. 

Create an on-trend interior scheme with shades of green from, whether it’s a quick upgrade or a total revamp. These deep, vibrant, opulent and regal green coloured furniture and home décor designs are a show-stopper for any space. For some gorgeous and sparkling inspiration get home the hand-picked collection only from Pepperfry.

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