Here’s how to decorate your home on a budget

Planning to give your home a makeover? Good, we have plenty of great home décor ideas for you. And they won’t cost you the moon. All you need is a little imagination and willingness to try something new.

So, are you ready? Right then, take a look at some of these décor tips.

Paint your home in different colours

Do you remember that ad with Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan, where she decorates his house, with one wall done up with textured paint? And the look on his face when he sees it? Yes, if he can go speechless at the sight of the beautifully painted wall, so will your friends. You will be surprised at how much difference paint can make to your home. Take care to paint doors, windows, cupboards, even patches of the floor, and see how your home transforms into something else altogether.

Rearrange the furniture

Do not line up all your furniture at the ends of rooms. Pull it away from the walls. Create special spaces by placing your sofas, settees, chairs and stools imaginatively. Maybe, the centre of the room? Or the sofa placed diagonally, instead of lined up against the wall. Go crazy with different looks, until you find the one that works best for your spaces.

Bring in greenery

Indoor plants will literally breathe new life into your house. Stack them up vertically in special holders, place them in ones and twos in corners, keep some on ledges, and certainly keep lots of them on your balconies and porch. There is no home décor to beat potted indoor plants. Not only do they give your house a fresh look, they also infuse it with oxygen.

Change your curtains

Do not get stuck with the same curtains all year long. Change them every once in a while, taking care to match them with the colour of your rooms. Make sure your curtains are almost at floor length; keep them just an inch above the floor. This prevents them from gathering dust from the floor, and also keeps the ends from getting frayed.

Hang pictures on your walls

Bare walls are, well, boring. Dress them up with pictures, art work, even fabric. The simplest thing to do is nailing your ancient-looking saree or dupatta or shawl to the wall. The effect is stunning. People will keep asking you what it is all about. Tell them a story. Wink!



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