Home Décor Trends for Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals

Aspiring, young, dynamic- The fledgling professionals can be aptly described in these 3 words. There is a time in every young professional's adult life when you finally make that big “grown up” move of owning your own place. In today’s age and times, people like to make their place a reflection of their personality. People are increasingly investing in customizing their place- which becomes an extension of their personality.

Here are a few quick ways to add character to your house!

Think texture: ()

Intelligently applied texture can transform a room from good to great, adding warmth and visual interest to an otherwise flat colour palette.  Imagine a wall which has a combination of tactile and visual-there is an instant appeal in your room! You may consider the look of hand-woven fabrics in laminates that makes the custom made furniture piece more appealing. Illusion and 3D are a part of our digital and online life, we like to be entertained through visual effects. Look for combinations of gloss/matte patterns and designs to make this phenomenon a part of your real life!


Today’s generation likes to capture memories that stay with them forever and do not hesitate to go the extra mile for it. In today’s day and age, companies do not give products to consumers but consumers tell companies what they need. For eg: – Custom Laminates give you the Liberty to dream freely and relive your fondest moments. So whether you want to have a wall with a fond memory of your holiday, first steps of your child, your first award or your marriage, we make the memory edged in your house forever. Welcome to the world of customization!

Use of custom laminates pave the way to a new original interior landscape that is absolutely you!

Reinventing classic luxuries:

Today’s well-travelled; youth has high aspirations and a fair idea of international style and décor. Mid-century modern elements have weaved their way into the modern day furniture. Modern interior trends celebrate personality, serenity and versatility. A space that speaks of individuality, creativity and innovation with a blend of age old classics is a great bet. Use metallic to add an accent of class to uplift the look of your room. You can add metallic head posts to a room which is mostly furnished in wood tones to create balance or experiment with one of the most sought after directions and layer two or three of the many smoked grey-tone woods available in New Mika’s painted wood collection for an utterly contemporary look that will wow your friends and family!


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