The perfect accent Chair from

For those with a flair for kitsch spruce up your home with the Twain Accent Chair by Bohemiana from Pepperfry. It not only adds extra seating, but is a great way to add a new silhouette, style, and mélange of color to any room. A comfortable and stylish show—stopper in mix and match prints this one is most likely to be filled with a happy (and perhaps snoozing) occupant. It is more versatile than you think, introduce this as an ideal companion for your living room sofa or adding up a seat to make a cozy corner, perfect for curling up with a book. The Twain chair is upholstered in bright colours and roomy with extra-deep seats to add an air of elegance especially suited for contemporary rooms. Don't worry about mismatching — just place it in the spotlight as the signature piece and flaunt your style. Add this kitschy, vibrant and dramatic seating to bring home some quirky elegance only from

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