Waste isn’t a waste…decorate your home with these waste material

Home is where the heart is… so your house should be perfectly clean and decorated well. Am I right? And for decorating your home you don’t need designers for that. You yourself can be a perfect home decorator and that too with the help of your daily waste things. No no I’m not joking you can use all your waste things and recycle it and make your home look pretty.

If you have a collection of a lot of old boxes, you can use your old shoe box or any other box and convert them into a jewelry box or you can make flower pots. Or you can also use the box as towel holder by decorating with nice fabric to it and then you can keep all your handkerchiefs and towels in it. And another good use of it is you can make pen stand of it, keep all your stationary in that box. And decorate it accordingly.

Wine lovers this one is for you… if you have a collection of wine bottles then you can use it to make a chandler. Cut the lower half and use the upper half of your bottle to make this beautiful chandelier which will look super cool. Or else you can make flower pot of it by painting the bottles from outside and adding some flowers in it.

If you have a ladder which is not in use, then take the ladder and make your own book shelf. You don’t believe me, take a look yourself. You just have to take a ladder you no longer use, on the steps you can place the place the books. You can decorate your ladder with the Diwali lights or you can paint it or keep it as a vintage look.

If you are sports person and you love to play lawn tennis and somehow your racket has damaged no problem, all you need to do is remove the strings of it and fit in the mirror of the size and shape. You can decorate the edges with some stones or shells.

If your cutlery is wasted or it has been twisted and bent, no worries we can use it as a key holder. What we have to do is take any 2 spoons or a folk which is not is use. Don’t use the used one… Or you’ll get scolded. Take a spoon bend in half, do it with other two. Now take 3 different bases for each of them or you can take a single base now stick all your bend folks and spoons on the base. And here you go add as many keys you want to.

So use your waste material and start decorating your home sweet home.

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