Who has not heard about the popular game candy crush ? Yes the very game where people keep sending invites to send life on Facebook ! But what has this game got to do with the jewelry designer Mrinalini Chandra? Apparently the top jewelry designer of Asia caught the eye of King’s entertainment which owns

Whether it’s your western outfit or the ethnic one, earrings are the new trendy thing which goes with your every outfit. Every fashion blogger and b-town actress are obsessed over earrings. Are you also confused what kind of earrings you should have and what not? Well, we’re here to make life a bit more simple

If there’s one fashion accessory that adds life to your face, it is a pair of awesome earrings. But most of us do not know the kind of earrings that will suit our face. You often come across girls wearing chunky danglers that look heavier than them! And sometimes you will see a tall and

    Sonam Kapoor is a style icon. Her sartorial sense leaves us gasping and wanting more. But you already know that. What you do not know (we bet so!) is that her jewellery, which aided in crafting her mysterious and alluring look, was created by a team of Kalyan Jewellers, the largest jewellery manufacturer