Manish Arora Amrapali Jewellery-India Enchanted


Designer Manish Arora  & Amrapali introduced the Manish Arora Amrapali Collection at Evoluzione Kila, Seven Style Mile, Mehrauli.

An amalgamation of Manish Arora’s signature vision and Amrapali’s finesse in fine jewelry, the collection is inspired from the roots of India.

It is a melange of traditional art mixed with the royalty of India interspersed with the Wild and Nature.
The magnificence of India’s culture is represented through the varied meanings associated with bright accent colors and it is represented by eclectic hand drawn illustration resulting in intricate, visually striking graphic styles.

The collection is a revitalization of tradition; brings to life techniques and motifs of the animals, lotus and leaves through the exquisite collections of contemporary jewelry with a little essence of traditional converge.

The pastel colors of Indian subculture defines the distinct of it the colors of royalty.

The Manish Arora Amrapali Jewellery is a must buy for this festive season!!

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