10 things men don’t like about women

We think that men don’t notice much about women, but the fact is that men notice more than women. They can easily spot any makeup disaster, ugly hairdo or a tacky outfit. And they do not ignore this, which is sought of unattractive.


Keep it natural. Men don’t want to go in for a kiss and come out looking like they just joined the circus. Remember, the foundation is supposed to be invisible to others and blend in with your skin. Stay away from glittery or shimmering eye makeup and never use clumpy mascara. Minimal makeup is sexier.

Sticky eyelashes

You know that effect when a woman uses too much mascara — her eyelashes all stick together and smear black with each blink. Nothing about that look is attractive. Use the good quality mascara that dries quickly and does not smudge. After applying, use an eyelash brush to remove any excess off of your lashes. Men love beautiful and expressive eyes, free of black clumps.

Yellow teeth and bad breath

Yellow teeth and bad breath are not attractive to anyone. If you struggle in this area, you should realize that the source of the problem is probably found in poor hygiene. Or maybe you need to cut back on the coffee, black tea or red wine, or lose the cigarettes. Whatever it is, address the source of your problem, and try adding whitening toothpaste and dental floss to brighten your smile. Lozenges or sugar-free breath sprays also help a lot.

Ms. knows it all

Your man wouldn’t want to feel inferior to you. Even if you feel like you can handle things on your own, you need to let them do things for you every now and then. They need to feel like you need them, rather than you are better off without them. Your man needs to feel like he’s the masculine one in the relationship.


Whatever you do, do not make a mountain out of a molehill. We are warning you, DON’T! That is one thing that will make the guy run as fast as he can! Girls do have this special power to exaggerate whatever that is happening and then start over thinking. In the end, those poor guys will end up being the ones to blame for something they have no idea about!


Men find it unattractive when their girls use F-word in every F-ing sentence. Cut that out! They might find someone with that patronizing attitude attractive at times but for sure they don’t want to have that person as their girl! Plus, come on, that attitude doesn’t show how sophisticated you are!

Mood swing

Being with someone who is moody could be a new experience. It could also result in a murder. Girls are allowed to have that mood swing once every month but more than that would be just way too much to handle. And as lazy as guys are, they will just stop caring and act reluctantly! Not at the bipolar level, but this could be a real deal breaker.

Badly Shaved Body

Men prefer smooth skin. Make sure that your legs and armpits are perfectly clean and hairless as this can be even more important than makeup. It tells a man a lot about your personal hygiene.

Public Grooming

Men don’t want to know how you make yourself attractive. Let them think you are effortlessly beautiful. All the major makeup procedures should be performed at home, not in public.

 Perfume overload

Excesses are always a bad idea. Remember, the more expensive the perfume, the less you should use. The cheaper the perfume, the less you should use. So try to put a drop only at certain points such as the neck, behind the ears and wrists. A little bit of a good perfume is plenty.



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