10 Things you should never post on social media to live a good life

Well in this world of social media everyone is engaged in this badly. well, social media is a great advantage to the people but on the contrary updating, everything on social media can lead you to serious problems.

Talking about your relationships issues on social media

No one wants to know what is not working right in your relationship, we don’t want to know about your battles and differences with your spouse. If it is not working, try to fix it and please don’t bring those issues to social media.

Post anything offensive

For as handy as the delete option is, nothing online is ever delete-able. Ever. Just ask any celebrity who has ever posted something stupid on Twitter. Better yet, Google it. You’ll see for yourself.

Showing off how you got drunk last night

This may be trending posting your drunk stories on snap chat, but you may be so intoxicated and bold enough to come online and post how drunk you are. There is no feeling of accomplishment when it comes to drinking. So please keep it to yourself, you may just be pushing your friends to remove you from their friend list.

Saying something nasty about your coworkers, employees or boss

You could put yourself in a box when you do this. You could be friends with an employee, boss or coworker and bring your differences to social media. Doing this puts a spotlight on what is going on and could create sentiments and negative feelings from those you know.

Racial comments

Yes, the social media offers you the opportunity to share your opinions and make constructive arguments. But it is totally wrong to go on social media to discuss your racial biases.

Harassing others

No one likes a stalker. It gets worse when the other person comments rudely on everything you do on social media. No one likes to be harassed on social media, this is particularly offensive.

Your Personal Location

This one goes hand in hand with the previous rule about vacation. When you let the whole world know that you’re not at home, you’re just asking for a break-in. It’s like holding a garage sale where you don’t collect any money for your stuff.

Pictures of Your Credit Cards

Okay, yes, this seems obvious, but it happens. We’ve all seen those pictures that are captioned, I got my first credit card today!

Inappropriate Personal Images

Social media is no place for your secret selfies. You might keep a special collection for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but if you don’t want your grandmother seeing them, they shouldn’t go on social media.

Pictures With Geotags

There’s no better road map to your current location than a geotagged picture. Your phone might be recording the location of all pictures you take without you even knowing it. To find out more about why geotags aren’t necessarily as cool as you thought they were and to learn how to nix them from your pix

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