Apps every woman should have in her phone

Well in this era of technology we all need to keep yourself updated so is with our phones. The apps you keep in your phone are the most important thing for your survival. Well if you are also so obsessed with your phones then you must have the apps with you. They’ll help you and moreover solve all your problems.

SOS app

The first and the foremost app which comes to my mind is SOS app. The SOS app is a quick way to send an emergency SMS to your closed ones when you travel alone. Keep this one handy.


If it’s beyond your physical capability, to mentally keep track of your period and everything that comes with it, this app is for you. Avoid surprises in your underwear, be prepared for your crimson tide, and know exactly when you’ll be on an emotional roller coaster with this period BFF.


Cher’s dream virtual closet is finally a reality, thanks to this fashionista app, Stylebook.Stylebook lets you take photos of your clothes, organize your closet, make packing lists and build customized outfits from your current collection as well as what’s available in-store. Next-level dressing.


This one’s a no-brainer and you probably have it, but that’s how important this app really is. With this brilliant unique caller ID, you can avoid telemarketers, block stalkers, and pretty much know exactly who’s calling you every single time.


Pinterest is a great app that I personally enjoy using for recipes.You follow people and go through their boards and pin them to your boards (categories) that you create.Every photo of a dish or dessert comes with a recipe once you click the link.Your categories can include anything you’d like as you customize it.

DIY app

Many of us, in fact almost 90 per cent girls like Do-It-Yourself stuff. Be it gifting or makeup, DIY tutorials work in our favor. So have one for yourself so that you have one DIY project every weekend.

Sleep Cycle

Can’t get rid of the feeling of smashing your phone when the alarm goes off? Well, here’s the solution to it. Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock 2.0, that wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase, and keeps track of the quality of your beauty sleep on a regular basis. This app not only ensures you wake up fresh, but it also improves the quality of your sleep over the course of time

 Pretty In My Pocket

For product junkies, the beauty aisle doubles as a playground. With Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP), you can scan a beauty product and instantly see the expert reviews as well as inspired looks from makeup artists and other users. If you need to find us we’ll be hanging out in aisle 7 for a while.


Access your reading list anywhere, share book recommendations and find new novels to get lost in using Goodreads. It’s the perfect app for the bookworm in you.


Need to talk to your doctor about yesterday? Healthtap connects you to a doctor to provide you with health answers instantaneously. You can even send pictures of a problem or copies of lab results to receive a second opinion when WebMD is freaking you out.


Flipboard is a personalized news app that lets you choose your topics of interest. Flipboard provides updates on all the subjects you care about in one place, making it easier to stay informed.

My Pill

Birth control is great until you forget to take it three days in a row; my-pill reminds you to take your pill, schedule yearly checkups and purchase new packs. Protection for protection because you can never be too safe in this world.

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