Are you ready with your Diwali look?

It is that time of the year again – the time when you are ready for everything new. New clothes, new makeup, new accessories, new home décor. And old friends.

Yes, we are talking about Diwali. Festivities, bonuses, gifts, sweets, lights, diyas, goodwill. But no crackers and pyrotechnics, please! That is so passé. This Diwali, do make it a point to eschew crackers and do away with noise and air pollution. We owe it to ourselves and one another to keep the air clean.

Okay, on to some fun stuff.

Are you ready with your Diwali look? Have you decided which outfit to go with, what kind of make-up to use, how to accessorize your outfit? Never mind, we are here to help.

Choose your outfit

The first thing people will notice on any social occasion is your outfit. Your dress will either set you apart from the rest, or make you look like anybody else. So, choose carefully.

You need to take into account that Diwali is an evening festival, unlike, say Holi or Eid or Christmas, which are day festivals. So, choose an outfit that will look good in the evening and night. The best way to dress up for Diwali is to go totally Indian and ethnic. A sari, a heavily embroidered salwar-kameez, or a snazzy anarkali dress would be ideal for the occasion. This is not the time to flaunt your mini-skirts and jeans and tops. You can try a little fusion, but the accent should be on the Indian-ness. So, you might pull off, say, a dhoti saree. But it is best to stick to traditional stuff.

Pick out the right make-up

Since you will be dressing up for the night, your make-up needs to be bold, but classy. Choose one feature to highlight. If you go with eyes, make them dramatic and bold, but go easy on the cheeks and lips. Similarly, if you want to highlight your lips, use just a simple eye liner, and avoid the winged eye look.

It would be best to concentrate on getting the smoky eye look. It is a signature evening look and you won’t go wrong with it. You just need to know how to get the right effect. You will need a concealer, black eye shadow, black eye liner, mascara and eye shadow brushes. It takes a little practice to get the optimum look; use too much and you will look like something that came out of a horror movie, use too little, and you might as well be dressing for office.

If you do choose the smoky eye look, do not use too much lipstick or lip shine. Your everyday look for your lips will do quite well; just add a touch of shimmer. As for your cheeks, blend in some long-stay foundation. Avoid shimmer as the focus will be on your eyes.

Go for the right accessories

You will be moving around, even running and dancing. So, your accessories should not become a burden. Do not go for heavy ear rings. Now, this does not mean you cannot wear danglers. Just make sure your ears don’t get weighed down. You are not dressing for a wedding, where you will mostly be sitting or standing in style. You are dressing for a fun party. Choose a light hand bag, and do not stuff it with everything. Go for comfortable footwear that is tried and tested. You can wear your heels, just don’t wear something that will keep you from moving about freely.

Okay, so now you are ready. Go out and have fun.




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