Aspri Spirits presents ZONIN Piccolo

Aspri Spirits presents the smallest member of Zonin family- Piccolo (200ml Prosecco) Piccolo which means small or petty in Italian language. 

Zonin Prosecco is fruity and aromatic on the nose, with hints of white flowers and apple. 

A beautiful and often less expensive comparison to Champagne, Prosecco is a deliciously dry Italian sparkling wine with crisp acidity, low sugar, with plenty of fruit and character. This little sparkler is perfect for special events and ideal with most foods. Prosecco's attractive packaging makes it the perfect choice for all occasions, from a night at home with friends to a night out on the town. 

Zonin1821 is one of the most respected wine companies in Italy and also in the world of wines. The company today has over 2,000 hectares, under vine cultivation, supervised by a team of 32 oenologists and agronomists. These make up 9 Estates situated in Italy’s 7 finest wine regions, as well as vine yards located in Barbourville in Virginia USA. The Zonin family has been making wine since 1821 and currently operates Italy's largest privately owned vineyard and winemaking complex.

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