Aspri Spirits presents“Riedel, The Wine Glass Company”

Aspri Spirits, leading importers and distributors of premium spirits and wines in India is pleased to present the finest glassware and decanters from Riedel for wine lovers and connoisseurs.

 Riedel Crystal produces collections for every lifestyle and price range, whether for critical wine evaluation, a picnic or dinner. Top rated wineries, restaurants, resorts and hotels throughout the world use Riedel glasses and decanters.It has a collection of wine glasses that caters to every wine lover’s desire. Riedel glassware offers both ‘varietal specific’ glasses for wine enthusiasts and ‘wine friendly’ glasses for more casual wine drinkers. 

Riedel goes by the saying that ‘The content commands the shape’. The glassware is perfectly designed so as to enhance the aroma and the flavor of the beverage. Riedel has created shapes that specifically enhances a wine’s harmony and enhances its unique characteristics. The company uses lead crystal in the making of the glasses which is believed to produce the highest quality glass colour, brilliance and an exceptional ring. Riedel in Kufstein, Austria exclusively also produces handmade, mouth-blown item which is individually crafted.

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