Celebrity Mom Lara Dutta urges Moms to Pamper their babies with the Softest Diaper for baby skin

Pampers and Celebrity Mum Lara Dutta were seen launching new Pampers Premium Care Pants that are so soft & dry, your baby will hardly notice them. New Pampers Premium Care Pants have an all-around soft waistband and great dryness that absorbs wetness and locks it away, meaning Pampers Premium Care Pants will keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable. And, the new pants form means you can change you baby so easily, he can barely feel being changed! Mum Lara Dutta was accompanied by leading Baby Sleep Consultant, Ms. Ajita Gopal Seethepalli and model, television presenter and hands-on mummy Mandira Bedi. Mandira moderated an interesting session highlighting the significance of a soft diaper for babies and how Pampers helps mothers at every step ensuring nothing comes in the way of their babies’ exploration. Ajita, along with Lara and Mandira orchestrated live demonstrations highlighting the superiority of Pampers Premium Care Pants in both softness and dryness. Lara in the company of live audience took up the #Softestforbabyskin diaper test. The live demo gave an opportunity to all those who were present at the event to touch and feel all leading diaper options for babies and cast their vote on which is the softest. Pampers Premium Care Pants came through as the clear winner with over 93% votes.

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