Christmas Hamper from Aspri Spirits

This Christmas gift your loved ones a token of happiness from Aspri Spirits. Kick start your celebrations with the most renowned wines & spirits from the house of Aspri Spirits. 1) Golden Sparrow Chardonnay RubiconeIgt Dry, balanced and elegant with Luminous and brilliant straw yellowcolour.Fresh, youthful, extremely fine and fruity on the palate. Pairs well with appetizers, delicate pasta and rice dishes, fish, vegetables and white meats. 2) Zonin Amarone Della Valpolicella DOC Broad and nuanced, with scents ofwild berries on the nose.Majestic and velvety on the palate, with rich fruity dried grape tones. Accompanies refined dishes (prime cuts of meat) and very mature cheese. 3) SograpeMateus Rosé A fresh and seductive wine with fine and intense bouquetand all the joviality of young wines. On the palate, it is a well-balanced with vibrant red fruits, brilliantly complemented by a soft and slightly fizzy finish. Served chilled, Mateus Rose is ideal as an aperitif. It also goes very well with light meals, several types of fish and seafood, white meat, grilled dishes and salads. 4) Freixenet Carta Nevada D.O. Cava Fresh and appealing on the nose. Elegantlyfloral, with notes of fresh apple and some subtle notes of citrus.Well-structured in the palate, refreshing, softly balanced acidity with a lively sparkle and a very attractive floral finish. 5) Camus Vsop Elegance Cognac CAMUS VSOP ELEGANCEowes its fabulous aromatic characterto a blend of wines distilled withsome of the lees left in.This technique requires greatexpertise, and ensures a remarkablearomatic intensity and are then aged in barrels selected fortheir mild tannins. Particularattention is paid to the toast of thebarrels that they use, to ensure thatthe fruity and floral aromas expressthemselves to the full whilst alsoadding a hint of spices and vanilla. 6) Patrón Silver (100% Agave Tequila) Patron Silver is called young or Joven tequila. It is known for its light, fresh, crystal clear look and elegant smoothness not found inother silver tequilas.Patron Silver tequila appeals todrinkers looking for the perfectultra-premium white spirit. Usingonly the finest 100% Weber blueagave, it is handmade in smallbatches to be smooth, soft andeasily mixable. It’s crystal clear with the aroma of lemon & whitepepper has a buttery sweet tastewith peppery flavours. Smoothclean & elegant finish. 7) SKYY Vodka SKYY is the number-one domestic super premium vodka in the US and the fifth biggest premium vodka worldwide. SKYY's state-of-the-art process of quadruple distillation and triple filtration yields vodka of proven exceptional quality and smoothness. Starting with SKYY Vodka's distinctive cobalt blue bottle and award-winning marketing communications, SKYY is synonymous with quality, sophistication and style. 8) Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve Initially restrained, fresh white fruitaromas of apple, pear and peach interminglewith curry and turmeric spices. As the bouquetbecomes more expressive, ripe fruit notesjostle for position. Clean on the palate, elegant andcomplex, a delicate bead imparts freshness onthe finish. It goes well withsmoked salmon crostini, pan-fried king prawns.

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