Cornitos launches the most versatile product Refried Beans under the Mexican category

Cornitos launches ‘Refried Beans’ in Indian Market to compliment its Taco Dinner Kit. ‘Refried Beans’ comes under Do it Yourself product range. “Just heat and eat” refried beans are cooked in Olive Oil and are low on spices. Cornitos Just heat and eat refried beans make for a delicious meal as you can add spices according to taste while using it as filling for Taco Shells or when used as a side dish. Traditional Authentic Taco Recipes have Refried Beans as Main Ingredient. Refried Beans are rich in Iron and Protein, which provide vital nutrients for your daily lifestyle. They are surprisingly loaded with dietary fiber and help in lowering cholesterol level. These vegetarian beans are a healthy way to add nutrients to your meals and scrumptious taste to the Vegetarian side of Life, which is the products motto. 

A 150g Refried Beans is sufficient for 6 Tacos of Cornitos Dinner Kit. Refried Beans have a nascent market in India as there are few foreign brands available. Cornitos Just heat and eat refried beans provides to consumers smaller 150g single use pack and pricing advantage in comparison to available options in the market. 

Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Director of Greendot Health Foods Limited said, “We have come up with the most versatile product for this season which is perfect for most of the traditional Mexican dishes. Perfect for filling classic tacos, Quesadillas or as a Side Dish.” 

Price: – 150 g Pack for Rupees 70

 Availability: – It is available at all leading retail outlets Pan India

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