Décor for your rooftop party

There is nothing more romantic than getting together with friends and relatives under the star-lit sky.

A rooftop or the terrace offers you a lot of bare space as it has no fixed furniture. There are no walls, or doors or windows. You have a lot of empty space that you can fill creatively, and convert into an awesome party venue. All you need is your imagination and some handy tips.

Here’s what you can do.

  • First off, decide whether you want the entire terrace to be your party space, or part of it. If you are going to have lots of guests, then, obviously, you would want to use the entire space. However, if you are planning a smaller get-together, earmark one portion of the terrace and leave the rest alone.
  • The easiest way to decorate the rooftop is by putting up lots and lots of potted plants. You can use potted greens such as frangipani, palms, aloe vera, and the like. You don’t necessarily have to buy all of them. You can rent them from a nearby nursery. Make sure to add plenty of fresh flowers, and alternate them with non-flowering decorative plants. There, half your job is done!
  • Avoid putting up bright lights in each and every corner. In fact, it is better to use several dim lights and one bright light. The point of a rooftop party is to enjoy the stars and the moon and the sky, and the openness all around.
  • Use lights creatively. Try interesting lamp shades and bulb covers. You can make your own covers in various shapes, sizes and colours, and string them together in clusters. Put up lanterns wherever you can. They lend an artistic touch to the décor.
  • Get creative with the seating arrangement. Don’t just line up your chairs. Make patterns, create shapes, go crazy. In case you don’t have enough chairs, round up stools from here and there and use them in between the chairs. Demarcate an area for cocktails by just putting up a table. Let people stand around it.
  • Give enough thought to the kind of food you want to serve. Remember, it is best not to have food that just must be served hot. That way, you can get more creative with the kind of plates and dishes you want to use. Just make sure everything matches and gels together.

Have a great party!

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