Delhi raises a toast with Mahou India’s Beer Cans

Mahou India, the first subsidiary of Spanish brewing major, Mahou San Miguel to be established outside Spain, today announced the availability of 500 ml canned versions of Mahou 5 Star, Dare Devil and Mahou Clásica beers in Delhi. After the success enjoyed last year, Mahou presents fresh packaging for its existing products in the form of easy to drink cans for beer enthusiasts of Delhi. 

“We are glad to bring our authentic quality beers – Mahou 5 Star, Mahou Clásica and Dare Devil – in yet another format in the Delhi market”, said Erik d’Auchamp, Chief Executive Officer, Mahou India. “The growth trend of canned beer consumption among Delhi consumers is encouraging for a business like ours. This is another step in our constant endeavour to present premium offerings to our consumers.” 

MCProducts from Mahou India 

Mahou Clásica is perfectly balanced with its characteristics that are highly inspired by the rich Spanish flavour. Mahou Clásica is a premium lager that comes with a tinge of fruity flavours. It has bright golden colour with a crystalline aspect and a faint, elegant malt aroma. 

M5 Mahou 5 Star Mahou 5 Star is the company’s flagship product produced with the finest varieties of hops and yeast that stands out for its golden colour and distinctively mild and lingering taste. It is a well-balanced beer which is made with Mahou’s secret ingredient: its signature yeast. 

DD Dare Devil A product in the semi-premium category, Dare Devil has a warm gold colour with a crystalline aspect. It has a characteristically strong and slightly bitter malt aroma and its base notes reflect the fruity flavours. It has a superior fresh strong beer taste, specially crafted for the Indian palate. Mahou San Miguel is the first Spanish company to operate in the region with its own brewery through its first fully owned subsidiary outside of Spain, Mahou India.

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