Diwali-themed cakes – try something different this year

Diwali is just some days away, and most of you will have made preparations to celebrate the festival, and usher in the new year. In addition to the dusting and cleaning, and shopping and gift-buying, you would also be worrying about which delicacies and sweets you want to prepare this year. Yes, you can definitely have a cracker of a Diwali WITHOUT crackers, but Diwali without sweets is simply not on.

Try something different this year

This year, how about supplementing your chocolates and mithais with Diwali-themed cakes?  We guarantee you will become the talk of the party circle, and you cakes will be remembered long after they are devoured.

So, here’s what you can do.

Try some Diwali themes on your cakes. You can get creative and let your imagination run wild. As long as the topping reflects the spirit of Diwali, anything goes.

You can try cupcakes as well in diwali themes. Imagine a cup cake in the shape of a diya! How can that not be popular?

Gift a Diwali cake to your neighbours and friends, and watch those smiles.

You can also ask your friends to come to your party with Diwali cakes of their own, and then there can be a big celebration right in your home. Do invite friends from all religions and communities – remember, Diwali is no longer just about one religion. It is the celebration of good over evil. And what can be better than amity and goodwill among all?

In all the revelry, just remember not to add to the air and noise pollution. Say no to crackers.

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