Easy and tasty homemade recipes for your midnight snacks

Well talking about this generation we all have a habit of studying or awake late night and we all are guilty of late night snacking and usually, what we munch on are not the healthiest of foods. You don’t want to drag your lazy bum to the kitchen, but you do want to gorge on to good and highly delicious food. so here are some easy recipes for your midnight cravings…

 Bread Fry

It is half the effort and twice the deliciousness of this picture. Toss some grated cheese on the bread along with some ketchup and salt on it. Heat it in the pan for a while and your midnight awesomeness is ready to be eaten.

Scrambled Egg Toastie

All of us are only too familiar with the usual scrambled egg routine. It is SO easy to make this midnight snack that you will find yourself gorging at night while wanting to save some for the morning, too. You just need eggs and your favorite veggies to prepare the meal.

Bread Pizza

Never will you ever look at those leftover pieces of bread, in the same way. Bread pizza is the quickest resort and a healthy snack. All you need to have is few ingredients and your delightful snack is ready.

Brownie Mug Cake

This recipe promises you a delicious brownie mug cake under 100 calories. All you need is flour, cocoa powder, the dash of salt and the most important ingredient, sugar – but only a teaspoon of it. Enjoy your mug of indulgence into the wee hours.

Chatpati Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes are yummy and top everyone’s “I-want-to-eat” list. Once you eat this, you’ll never look at them, in the same way. Just boil them, toss the masala over it, mix it well and the dish is ready to hog.

Chilly Cheese Toast

If you won’t have an oven, you can toast it on a flat pan too. Chilly cheese toast is easy, quick, and utterly mouthwatering.

Spicy Bhujia

There’s something about a snack that takes no more than a minute and fills your stomach complete, in those long restless hours of the night.

Masala Maggi

Can there be any snack-talk without maggie? Well, no. It’s official that Maggie is India’s favorite snack.but if you still don’t know how to cook, here is the recipe.


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