Manaste’s Pre and Post Holi Ritual Go natural this Holi! Assuage the boisterousness with rose petals and organic colors from the pantry. Stay hydrated through the day and prevent the colors from being absorbed into the skin. Protect your skin from harmful chemicals this Holi, by applying Manasté’s all natural homemade skin care before going out to revel in the vibrancy of Holi’s colors. After the day is over, and its time to remove the dyes from the skin, we recommend Manasté’s Grapefruit Face & Body Scrub, which is 100% natural, smells good enough to eat, and leaves your skin feeling so pampered. The oils in the scrub are deeply nourishing, the grapefruit invigorates you, Vitamin E ensures the moisture retains in your skin, the sugar gently and naturally exfoliates, leaving you uplifted and energized. After a pampering shower, moisturize with Manasté’s Citrus Sunset body butter, containing cacao butter which is a super rich emollient for the skin, shea butter which is deeply moisturizing, and has anti-oxidant properties and grape seed oil which is a miracle skin tightener. The organic aloe vera will be deeply soothing while cooling the pores. It is impossible to resist the velvety, chocolaty yumminess of this body butter. Your skin will drink up the nutrient-rich butter and leave you feeling velvety soft and delicious. Manaste recommends that you use the butter for a few days, till your moisture levels are restored, after which you can shift to Manasté’s range of summer soufflés! Team Manasté says that the skin is your largest organ and 60% of what you apply, gets absorbed by your it, so if you don’t eat synthetic and toxic chemicals, you shouldn’t apply them either. 

100% pure. 100% awesome Start your natural beauty resolution this Holi!

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