Lamborghini launches new luxury SUV and its LIT !

This week Lamborghini , the Italian brand of luxury sports car launched its all new SUV -Urus in the luxury car segment and we  are obsessed with it. This expeditious car car reach the top speed of 190 mph and go from zero to 100 kph in 3.6 seconds . In India the expected price is 2.7-3 crore .It was launched in Bolognese at the company’s headquarter .

This is the the company’s first attempt at the crossover in the ultra luxury car segment and after 5 years of just talks about the same , it has now been unveiled before the world.It is suggested to be the fastest SUV in the market till now .It is a multi terrain SUV – run it on road , off road on ice or sand dunes as suggested by Maurizio Reggiani , the research and development director.This SUV will compete with the likes of Mercedes , Porsche ,Bentley and the Range Rover.


According to a survey , the Suv markket has seen an uprising of 233% in the past 10 years.If reports are to be believed , 21,000 SUVs were sold in the year 2016 . The Lamborghini plant has already been redesigned and capacity doubled in anticipation of high demand for the newly unveiled Urus .With a capacity of 3996 cc and horse power 641 bhp  @ 6000 rpm , it is expected to create a storm in the market .It is a five seater car with good luggage space and six different driving modes. The seats are heated , fully electric and 12- way adjustable.Each car is automated with an LIS ( Lamborghini Infotainment System) to control the car set up , media and navigation.Smartphones can also be integrated to the system through apple car play and android auto sound system.

Urus India launch is on 11th January , 2018 .Also with the launch of Urus in India , Lamborghini is planning to expand its hold in the Indian market by increasing its dealerships from three to five in 2018. the bookings are believed to begin in Spring 2018. Lamborghini’s motto is ” a cars design , power and dynamic capabilities means every driver should feel like a pilot” which it promises to deliver with this fastest SUV Urus . Only time will tell how it will fare in the Indian market .

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