Lisa Haydon post pregnancy pictures will leave everyone stunned

While everyone’s busy applauding Kareena Kapoor Khan for shedding her post-pregnancy weight, here’s someone who’s giving her a tough competition and well, looks like she has beaten her too. lisa is busy startling us in all the ways possible.

After opting for an all-white hairdo, the Queen actress’ latest picture has stunned us to the core. Flaunting her well-toned abs and making everyone jealous, Lisa Haydon is back to her svelte avatar and this time, it’s hotter than before.

Opting for gold pants with a bra, Lisa grabs all the opportunity to flaunt her toned figure and the sight is enough for us to get hooked on our screens

The former supermodel, actress and a reality show judge, Lisa Haydon, is definitely prepping up for something big and she plans to return with a bang. While her grey hair has already made us eager beaver to figure out the project she’s working on, her latest toned look has just intensified the curiosity.

Lisa was heavily pregnant when she flaunted her baby bump on her Instagram post and later on a magazine cover. And coming back to her normal self after a delivery and within such a short span of time deserves a round of applause.


She is a professional model and the primary requirement of her job is to maintain a svelte figure. Many women bounce back into their pre-baby body and some become even thinner and healthier with time.

If you need some real mum motivation and tips on how to look your ‘normal’ svelte self then you should definitely follow her routine.


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