Love your denims? Here’s how to take care of them

When it comes to combining style with comfort, nothing beats the jeans and tee-shirt look. You can’t go wrong with it – it’s a staple item of clothing for your wardrobe. A pair of jeans is such a versatile garment – you can wear it to dress down, but, combined with the right accessories, you can also wear it to dress up. Now, that does not mean you should wear jeans to formal occasions, but you can wear them to semi-formal ones.

However, even jeans can go wrong when they start to sag, or when the zipper does not close properly, or they become discoloured after a wash. Yes, gals, you need to take care of your jeans.

Here’s how to do it.

1) Store them right

You need to store your jeans properly to make sure they last long and stay comfortable. Hang them in your closet or fold them and lay them down flat. Do not leave them crumpled up on the floor. Do not expose them to sunlight.

2) Wash them right

Wash your jeans inside out with cold water. Do not wash them with coloured clothes as the colour may run and your jeans will catch it. Do not wring them, let them drip dry.

3) Dry them right

Do not let your jeans dry in the sun for too long. It is better to hang them to dry in the shade. Prolonged direct sunlight will cause the colour to fade. If you are drying them in the dryer, use low-heat. If your jeans are of good quality, they should be able to withstand a low-heat tumble.

4) Take special care of your distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are a special category of jeans. They are deliberately given a vintage look by fraying their hems and seams, making the colour fade and causing the fabric to rip, resulting in holes and tears. While washing your distressed jeans, make sure you do not wash them with items of clothing that may have exposed zippers or other trims; these might snag the denim and make the holes bigger.

If you take care of your precious jeans, they will last you a long, long time.

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