Make your Christmas special with FunFoods by Dr. Oetker

Winter is finally here and so is the time to revisit some of the best recipes for a yummy Christmas treat. 

Are you still confused on what to prepare this Christmas? Are you looking for quick yet scrumptious Christmas recipes to go with your Christmas mood? Look no further; here are some delicious recipes from FunFoods by Dr. Oetker to make your Christmas even more delightful. 

From specially curated Christmas toffees and cookies to all-time favourite cakes and brownies, whatever festive feast you're throwing for your friends and family, exclusive recipes from FunFoods will give you easy hacks to prepare it all, right in the convenience of your home! 

FunFoods range of Bake Mixes, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, Spreads and Sauces are all set to spell magic in your dishes this festive season. 

These recipes are everything that you have been craving for, so wait no more and have a Merry Christmas! Hallelujah! 

Chocolate Brownie Foto: Petits Fours à la SacherDescription: Description: Servings: 2 Ingredients: 50g Eggless Bake Mix Brownie (Dr. Oetker Funfoods) 100g (1tbsp.) Butter (Melted) 180ml Full Cream Milk 50g Dark Chocolate 50g White Chocolate Directions: · Pre-heat oven to 180°C. · Mix melted butter, bake mix and milk until batter is smooth. · Grease 2inch dia. round mold and pour batter in. · Bake at 180°C for 30min. until a tooth pick inserted in the centre comes out clean. Take out from the oven and leave to cool for 15min. · Chop white & dark chocolate and put them in two small plastic bags respectively. Seal the bags & leave them in a bowl of hot water until chocolate melts in both the bags. (seal the bags properly to avoid leaks). · Dry the plastic bags & cut a small hole in the corners of both the bags. Pour white and dark chocolate over the cake & leave to set for 5 mins. and serve. Level: Intermediate Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Baking Time: 30 Minutes Tip: Garnish your brownie with dark and white chocolate stars. Chocolate Delight Description: H:KapilRecipes for OctoberKartoffel-Rosinen-Gugelhupf_DrOetker_Potato ring cake with raisinskartoffel_rosinen_gugelhupf_gr.jpg Description: Description: Pieces: 15 Ingredients: 250g Eggless Bake Mix 11 Cakes (Dr. Oetker Funfoods) 100g Butter 75ml Full Cream Milk 100ml Water 25g (2 tbsp.) Raisins 100g Dark Chocolate Directions: · Preheat oven to 180°C. · Mix well bake mix, melted butter, milk, water & raisins until batter is smooth. · Grease & flour a 7inch dia. round baking pan. · To make the ring cake (as shown in the picture), grease & flour the outside of a 2inch metal bowl & place it inside the baking pan. · Pour the batter in the outer pan & bake for 30mins. or until a toothpick inserted in the center, comes out clean. · Chop dark chocolate & put it in a small plastic bag. Seal the bag & leave it in a bowl of hot water until chocolate melts. (Be careful not to drip any water inside the bag) · Dry the plastic bag & cut a small hole in the corner. Pour the melted chocolate over the cake & leave to set. · Refrigerate for 15mins. Serve cold. Level: Intermediate Preparation Time: 5 Minutes Baking Time: 30 Minutes Tip: Sieve some icing sugar, chopped almonds & cashews on top of the cake for better presentation & taste. Stuffed Mushroom Caps Description: gefuellte+champignons+mit+tomate-basilikum-so%C3%9Fe_gr.jpg Description: Description: 2 Ingredients: 150g (15 medium) Button Mushroom (Boiled) 70g (1 small) Onion (Finely Chopped) 70g (1 small) Red Capsicum (Finely Chopped) 50g (10-12 leaves) Spinach (Finely Chopped) 100g Paneer (Finely Chopped) 400ml (3 cups) Oil 5g Each (1 tsp.) Salt, Black Pepper Powder, Cajun Spice 60g (4 tbsp.) Garlic Mayonnaise Eggless (Dr. Oetker Funfoods) 7.5g (1/2 tbsp.) Garlic Chilli Spread (Dr. Oetker Funfoods) 15g (1 tbsp.) Cornflour 2.5g (1/2 tsp.) Salt 90g (6 tbsp) Maida 100ml Water 200g Bread Crumbs Directions: · Remove mushroom stems & finely chop them. · On moderate temperature heat 1tbsp. oil in a non-stick pan Add mushroom stems, capsicum, spinach, paneer, salt, black pepper powder, cajun spice & sauté for 5mins. · In a bowl, add garlic mayonnaise, garlic chilli spread & sautéed vegetables. Mix well. · Stuff mushroom caps with the above mixture & keep aside. · In another bowl, add cornflour, maida & water. Mix well to make a smooth batter. · Heat remaining oil in a kadhai. Dip the stuffed mushroom caps into batter and then roll in bread crumbs & deep fry them until golden brown. · Pour remaining half of the vegetable mixture on two serving plates and on top of fried mushroom caps. Serve hot. Level: Intermediate Preparation Time: 30-40 Minutes Cooking Time: 40-50 Minutes Tip: You can serve this delicacy with burger or garlic mayonnaise (Dr. Oetker Funfoods) Chocolate Peanut Butter Saltine Toffee Chocolate Peanut Butter Saltine Toffee – simple, salty, and sweet. Perfect last-minute Christmas treat! | Ingredients: 100 g Salted Butter, melted 100 g Brown Sugar 60 g (4 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Peanut Butter Crunchy 10 Saltine Crackers­ 100 g Chocolate Chips ­ 50 g Colored Sprinklers Directions: · Line 8 × 8 inch baking pan using butter paper and grease using 1 tsp melted butter. · Heat non-stick pan (low flame) add remaining butter, brown sugar, cook for 4-5 minutes or entire mixture starts boiling, add peanut butter to hot mixture and mix well. · Pour peanut butter mixture over saltine crackers, sprinkle chocolate chips on top and keep in refrigerator for 1 hour or until set. · Decorate saltine crackers using colored sprinklers and serve. Level: Beginner Preparation time: 10 Minutes Double Chocolate Cookies Chocolate Delight Cookies Ingredients: 65 g (5 tbsp) Butter, melted 250 g Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Eggless Cake Mix Chocolate 50 ml Water 4 tbsp Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Dessert Topping Chocolate (60g) 100 g Chocolate Chips Directions: · Preheat oven to 180°C. · In a bowl mix melted butter, bake mix and water. Knead it until smooth dough is formed. · Roll out the dough on a flat surface and cut it into 10 round cookies shapes balls. · Place cookies on a greased baking sheet leaving space of approx. ½cm between each, place · 4-5 chocolate chips on each cookies and bake for 15 minutes. Leave to cool. Serve. Level: Beginner Preparation time: 10 Minutes Baking Time: 15 Minutes Chocolate Spread Pancakes Description: Description: Servings: 4 Ingredients: 50g (1 medium) Egg 1 Pinch Salt 30g (2 tbsp) Sugar 200ml (1 ½ Cups) Toned Milk 130g Maida 10g (2 tsp.) Baking Powder 35ml (6 tbsp.) Oil 120 g (4 tbsp) Dr. Oetker FunFoods Chocolate Fudge Spread Directions: · In a bowl, whisk egg, salt, sugar & milk. · Sift maida, baking powder into it & mix well until batter becomes smooth. · In a non-stick pan heat 1tbsp. oil. Pour batter in with a small bowl or cup & twirl the pan to give a pancake like shape. · Shallow fry on low flame until the pancake is little dry around the edges & golden brown on the bottom from both sides. · Place the pancake on plate & spread 2 tbsp of chocolate fudge spread. Serve hot. Level: Intermediate Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

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