Mistakes you should avoid during interview

Well, there are times when your exam gets clear very well and then comes the final stage that is an interview. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially if you know that there are many people vying for the same role. There are certain things you can definitely do or avoid doing in order to give yourself an edge as a serious contender for the role.so in order to make your interview worthy stop avoiding these mistakes

Not being punctual

You must always, always reach your interview at least 15 minutes before the appointment time, if not 30. Keep traffic and other considerations in mind and make sure you leave well in time to make it in early. Showing up late for an interview without advance notice or exigent circumstances is considered a deal-breaker for pretty much every interviewer.

Appearing uninterested

This drives employers crazy. Most employers have more applicants than they need or want. If you aren’t demonstrably interested in them, they certainly aren’t interested in hiring you. Instead of that, you should demonstrate your interest in the company and the job.

Not having carefully read through the job description

Do you know what exactly your role is supposed to be? In case the JD seemed unclear to you, have you prepared specific questions to clarify the doubts you have? It is important to be ready to address both these issues because your interviewer is looking to hire for a particular role – even if it feels like just another job interview for you, if you want a shot at actually getting the job, you have to take it as seriously as possible.

Angry young man

Angry people are NOT people employers want to hire. Angry people are not fun to work with. They may frighten co-workers and/or customers or clients. They may also abuse both people and equipment (computers, cars, etc.). If you are angry over a job loss, horrible commute to the interview, earlier fight with your kids or spouse, or anything else, dump the anger before the interview, at least temporarily.

Not carrying your CV

Oh no, this is the most important mistake which people forget carrying their cv Or any other documents that you may have been asked to bring. Even if you have emailed your CV previously and have not specifically been asked to carry copies – you must. In case your interview is being conducted by a panel, you should be able to hand out copies for reference for every member if required.

Talking too fast

One of the biggest challenges you will face is how to articulate your response to interview questions concisely. This is particularly difficult if you are feeling nervous. To control your nerves, try imagining the interview as a general conversation which is far less threatening. Listen carefully to the questions being asked and don’t be afraid to ask for a question to be repeated or for further clarification.

Not being polite and respectful throughout the interview process

And by this, we mean from the moment you enter the office to the time that you exit the building. Behaving rudely with a guard at the door because you’re running late and he’s taking too much time to let you in, or even speaking loudly on the phone at the reception – given that you’re a new person in the office who is being observed by people who already work at the organization, all these things add up to creating a negative first impression.

Flirting or other inappropriate behavior

Unless you are interviewing for a job as a comedian or host/hostess in a social club, don’t try to be entertaining or amusing. And, don’t flirt with anyone, including the receptionist and the security guard. Don’t chew gum or bring food or drink into the interview. Mind your manners, like your Mother taught you, and be polite to everyone you meet there.

Not dressing professionally

Whether it’s a startup or a media company or a corporate, there are certain expectations of neatness and formality that every employer has to their employees, especially potential ones. Ripped jeans, unkempt hair, scuffed shoes, an overflowing tote are big no. It creates an impression that you haven’t taken the interview seriously enough to at least make an effort.

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