The Caduceus symbol – a rod embraced by two intertwined snakes and a pair of wings, is globally understood nowadays to represent the medical profession. It is often associated with the Rod of Asclepius, an ancient Greek god synonymous of healing and purity. In ancient times, Caduceus was also thought as the staff carried by Hermes, the messenger of the gods, serving as a symbol of peace and inviolability. The Caduceus pen is offered as a fountain pen, roller and ballpoint, it is made of snow White resin and finished with palladium trim, all to represent and wish health and prosperity. 

Joining the original white resin Caduceus is the new Caduceus Black. Made, too, of resin and accented by trims in palladium, the colour as used in the spirit of Fortuna ignores its dark side by addressing its positive qualities. The expression that something “is the new black” is a perfect example of the colour’s role as defining -what is the latest, the most exciting, especially in fashion and trends. 

Black is associated with elegance, formality and sophistication. It defines classicism – “black tie”, “little black dress” – and is thus a favourite for suits and dresses, notably for evening wear at special events. Inescapably, black, too, is also seductive, as exemplified by black lingerie. 

A perfect complement to the Caduceus white, Caduceus Black features a colour that creates a sense of mystery. It is also believed to represent protection against emotional stress, and provides comfort by hiding vulnerability. In this manner, it is also believed to absorb negative energy – and that is the hope in Fortuna. 

Every designer knows that black combined with other colours has strong impact. The Caduceus Black enjoys contrasting trim, which highlights the Caduceus clip. Its cap top is embellished with the 1912 logo, while the fountain pen’s nib is inscribed with the Montegrappa filigree pattern. The pen is offered as a fountain pen, roller and ballpoint; the fountain pen is available with Fine, Medium and Broad nibs, and is either cartridge or converter-fed. 

Price: Rs. 23,995 and available at Montegrappa Flagship boutiques at Palladium Mumbai, DLF Emporio New Delhi and other leading multi brand retail outlets nationally.

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