Mrs India Home Makers-2016

The Inspiration:- The event draws its inspiration from being a woman, looking at my mother, my sister, myself and many more women who give away their lives for their families. First they have to live like a nice daughter, fulfill her parents dreams and then live for husband and later for kids. There are so many women around who have been looking at beauty pageants since their childhood and always wanted to be there atleast once. The concept originated when my 18 year old house hold help Sandhya from jharkand was watching a beauty pageant and then she said ‘’ mujhe bhi miss india bannna hai, kya aap banadogi mujhe didi’’ I felt so helpless, she had no height, no complexion, neither a good way to talk, specially needed by all the beauty pageants in the world. Then in few weeks she was called back to Jharkhand and got married. I tried looking for her and approached her saying hey I am ready to fulfill your dreams but she cried and said my husband not allowing for such show. There is a myth in beauty industry that only beautiful girls with good figures and height can be beauty queens. Really? That means all the women who do not possess it are not beauty queens? Have you ever noticed that our mothers , they do everything in our house, but not only for a day they live for themselves. The woman organization and fashion gurukul by me decided to hold a contest. I was not sure that how it shall be accepted but people gave us so much of love and acceptance that we shall plan to do this every year. 

The contest:- The contest is featuring contestants from everywhere , from every age group and where height/figure/age has nothing to do with the pageant. The contestants are going to feature in a young designer’s collection called YURA MARY from northeast; she is specially creating outfits for this pageant. The women are being taught and groomed by me. The idea of one round for designer wear is because there are many women who can’t afford a designer wear line and atleast for one moment they shall enjoy being in designer wear. The contestants age group is from 22yrs till 49 years. There are few contestants like Kouser Malik 22 from New Delhi and Sazia khan 35 from new delhi who have faced domestic violence in their own lives and now are living independently and contestants like Anu Gupta and Meena Arora 49 who have spent their lives for kids and now wanna come on the stage and tell the world about telling that there is no age limit to start their careers. There are total seventeen contestants in this show MEENA ARORA, NEW DELHI, MUKTA VERMA , NEW DELHI, REEMA BANSAL, NEW DELHI, KOUSER MALIK, NEW DELHI, SAZIA KHAN, ALIGARH, NIDHI GOEL, NEW DELHI, EVA SANGMA, MEGHALAYA, MARY, MEGHALAYA, POONAM MATIA, DELHI, BANTI NATH, GUWAHATI, CHANDAMITA SAIKIA, GUWAHATI, SHIVI JAISWAL, ALLAHABAD, SHARD SINGH, DELHI, SANGHAMITRA DEKA, AHEMDABAD, RIEA MEHRA, DELHI, SUNAYNA , DELHI 

The first round:- 17 finalists shall walk the stage in beautiful creations from the designer YURA MARY and give a brief description of themselves to the audience and judges. Second round :- women shall give 5 minutes speech on beauty with the cause. They are supporting causes like, Breast cancer, Domestic violence, Child marriage, Mental Harassment, Child labour  etc.

 The above mentioned causes shall prove that women are not just beautiful but have brains too. The third and finale round shall give a chance to flaunt themselves in beautiful sarees. All these three rounds shall be judged by their confidence, charm, conviction and personality.  Five winners shall be chosen and represent the woman organization for next 1 year and shall pledge to work for women empowerment all over the India. The crown and trophy for the winner is designed by a social activist in America for this cause. 8’’ tall crown splendid in ruby and fine crystals from Austria is true beauty that defines the depiction of woman hood. The finale shall be held in new delhi on 6th of april twenty sixteen at Muktadhara Auditorium near Gole Market New Delhi.

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