NearGroup App | Connecting Neighbours for Better India

NearGroup App lets users interact with their neighbours. Together they can, build a better locality, meet nearby people, carpool, exercise, play-sports, volunteer-together and solve local-issues, etc 

More than 11,000 users in Delhi NCR are using this in Delhi/NCR region. 

Speaking to founder, Prashant Pitti, an alumni from IIT-Madras, said “We live in a digital world where people across geographies are connected like never before. Yet most of us are unaware of who lives in our neighbourhood and in times of need, we travel distances without seeking the help of our neighbours. With NearGroup we aim to connect like-minded neighbours to build a better neighbourhood” 

Along with neighbour, users can do so many things like: – Exercise, run or mediate together – Find carpool buddies – Volunteer together for a nearby-cause – Network with professionals – Play Sports together – Find good maid, electrician, cook, etc – Find lost dog or a key – Solve women-safety issues in locality – And much much more 

NearGroup Mission is: India can become 100-times better, if neighbours start to interact and help, exercise, carpool, hangout & protect each other. 


How to download Free NearGroup App? 

To be a part of your neighbourhood community, download the Free NearGroup App (on Android and iPhone) and register yourselves by selecting your Location. You can also give missed-call 9990.480.480 to download the app. 

Carpooling between Neighbour, #OddEven Rule 

The recent order by Delhi government to allow odd/even cars on alternate days left many daily commuters worried. But now using NearGroup App, 1000s of residents are communicating with their Neighbours to discuss carpooling and car-swapping. Since 1st Jan 2016, number of chats related to carpool has increased 800 times. 

Neelima Kharbanda, a nearGroup user says “I was very worried on how I will travel to Gurgaon once this new #OddEven Rule is applied. But thankfully I found another girl who live very closeby, now together we have made plans to share our cars and travel together” 

Xmas Party for Street-Kids in Noida, 25th Dec 

145+ neighbours living near Sector-50 of Noida got up this Christmas morning to celebrate a bit differently. Using NearGroup App, they met each other, and decided to become Santa for under-privileged kids living in nearby slum. 

They organized event in a park nearby and played carrom, badminton and tambola with kids. They even donated old-woollen clothes, books, pencils, sweets to them. Street-kids being centre of attention were thrilled to be there. 

Manjoe present during the event says “this kind of experience can only be created along with Neighbours. I have few friends in Gurgaon but I dont have time to go and meet them. I am thankful to NearGroup for connecting me with such amazing neighbours. These street-kids had amazing time and won't forget it for long-time” 

What People Say 

Binod had another story to share “I live in Indirapuram since last 3 years, but I hardly knew anyone, its very difficult to knock on someone's door to say Hello. But now using NearGroup, I met so many amazing people, whom I feel I can rely upon during needful hours” 

Sana Soophia shares her comments “once I downloaded the app, I didn't find many neighbours on it, but then I realized that its a new concept, so I decided to promote it myself in my neighbourhood. Very soon we became 100+ members and now I am chatting with my neighbours to make evening/weekend plans regularly. Its like second family now”

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