What’s better than a cup of perfectly brewed tea? And with tea bags around, making tea is easier than ever. But do you throw away the tea bag once it is used? Big mistake! A tea bag has so many uses, you would be surprised. Check out some of them. They keep your hands fresh

Madame Tussaud’s, Delhi is all set to open its doors to the public. Located in the heart of the national capital, within the Regal Cinema complex in Connaught Place, the museum is set for inauguration on December 1. The museum houses have 50 wax statues of national and international icons, from the world of sports,

Dates are the fruit of palm trees, which grow primarily in dry, arid regions. Packed with minerals, fibre, and vitamins, they are widely recommended for people of all ages. A study conducted some years back, and published in the British publication, Nutrition Journal, states that while dates contain high amounts of natural sugars, they are

The Kashmiri non-vegetarian cuisine is rich and varied. The choice of meat is mostly mutton, and there are several dishes that can be prepared from it. The art of cooking Kashmiri food has been perfected over centuries, and mutton has always had the pride of place in the cuisine. Among the numerous non-vegetarian dishes, Rogan

Celebrity Diwali parties are truly on – first it was the Ambanis, and then Arpita Khan Sharma (Salman Khan’s sister, in case you live under a rock) threw the mother of all Diwali bashes a few days ago. The who’s who of the Hindi film industry turned up at the party, hosted by Arpita, her

When it comes to combining style with comfort, nothing beats the jeans and tee-shirt look. You can’t go wrong with it – it’s a staple item of clothing for your wardrobe. A pair of jeans is such a versatile garment – you can wear it to dress down, but, combined with the right accessories, you

Diwali is just a few days away. The festival of lights is not just about crackers, it is also about family bonding and unleashing your creative creature within. Well if you haven’t started planning to decorate your house then I have got something for you and I am sure you will be mesmerized by seeing

Diwali is just some days away, and most of you will have made preparations to celebrate the festival, and usher in the new year. In addition to the dusting and cleaning, and shopping and gift-buying, you would also be worrying about which delicacies and sweets you want to prepare this year. Yes, you can definitely

It is that time of the year again – the time when you are ready for everything new. New clothes, new makeup, new accessories, new home décor. And old friends. Yes, we are talking about Diwali. Festivities, bonuses, gifts, sweets, lights, diyas, goodwill. But no crackers and pyrotechnics, please! That is so passé. This Diwali,

Recipes to try this Navratri One of the most widely celebrated Hindu festivals in the country, Navratri refers to the nine auspicious nights during which goddess Durga and her nine forms are worshipped.it is that time of the year again when idols of goddess Durga are ornamented with kumkum, bangles, flowers, and jeweled attires. Morning