PMS troubling you? Here’s how to beat it!

Is it that time of the month again? You know, when you are irritable, your breasts feel tender, you get into moods and abdominal cramps start to act up. Yes, it is the dreaded Premenstrual Syndrome, commonly known as PMS.

Premenstrual symptoms occur between ovulation and the start of menstruation. They may vary greatly from cycle to cycle and can get worse during times of stress.

While there is no particular cure for PMS, there are many options for managing its signs and symptoms. Here are some natural remedies you may want to try.

Eat right

It is essential to eat right when you start experiencing PMS. You need to cut down on your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Avoiding large meals is also helpful. Junk the junk food, processed food, aerated drinks and sugar-laden food. What you need is a balanced diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, fish, eggs, and pulses. And remember to drink plenty of water – at least six to eight glasses a day. Add calcium-rich foods to your diet. Supplements of magnesium and Vitamin B6 are also helpful.

Try herbal remedies

You can also try several herbs to relieve the symptoms of PMS. Some useful herbs are raspberry leaf, evening primrose oil, dandelion, lemon balm, shatavari, etc.


Physical exercise is a great way to beat PMS. Go for any routine that suits you. Try yoga, for instance. It has several aasanas that relieve the problem. Regular workout sessions will regulate your blood flow and relieve the PMS symptoms. However, do not over-exert yourself.


Learn to calm down and meditate. If you stress about PMS, it is only going to make the problem worse. Try some relaxation techniques and tell yourself that this too shall pass. After all, it lasts only for some days.

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